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    We champion water pollution around the globe

  • Project Description

    We specializes in innovating new waste collecting systems to counter water pollution issues in the world and educating the public about the importance of keeping our waters clean.


    Debris in river


    What is river debris?

    River debris is any man-made object that enters the coastal or marine environment. From the tiniest piece of plastic to giant free-floating fishing nets, river pollution causes many challenges for both humans and marine lives.


    Common debris



    The most common litter seen in rivers is household trash, including plastic cups, plastic bags, wrapping materials, food wrappers, plastic bottles, and other plastic containers. Plastics can be especially hazardous to wildlife and cause contamination in the waters.



    Water pollution affects each and everyone. Water pollution poses health hazard to humans and the marine ecosystem whom are in contact with, be it directly or indirectly.


    Action taken against river pollution

    Water pollution is a world wide issue that is not easily resolved. It entails the contribution of people around the world to be responsible of our own waters. Hence, we should start educating the younger generation about the importance of water pollution and not take clean drinking water for granted. Having said that, preventive measures must still be put in place to capture the trash in the rivers. We have come up with a self sustaining trash collector which can be place in the river to collect floating trash. This system consist of three parts which is a water mill, a pipe and a mesh to capture the floating trash. It is a simple concept which can be installed and maintained easily. Firstly, this system make use of the flow energy in the river to rotate the water mill and thereafter allows trash to move through the pipe to the mesh. Therefore, this system does not require additional power source to function. In an event of a shortage of power, we will make use of a clean source of energy - solar panels.

    Mister Trash Eater

    How it works?

    ​This system will be placed near the shore of a river or a marina. It actually make use of the flow energy of the river to "forced' the floating trash into our "Mister Trash Eater". Our system consists of 4 main parts:

    1. A platform which can be move to transport the trash to the dumpster. Hence, at every time intervals, the platform with all the trash being collected will move up and tilt at an angle to pour the trash to the dumpster. To power the platform, renewable sources of energy such as solar panels will be used as well as some other sensors.
    2. Pieces of wire mesh will be used to channel the trash and allowing water to flow back into the water.
    3. An Inflatable booms channel floating trash to our system.
    4. A dumpster to collect the trash for recycling.



  • Management Team


    The SCE top management team consists of 3 members.

    Yeo Yee Jie, Pok Tic Han, Tan Yan Fei

    All three of us are engineering students from Temasek Polytechnic pursing diploma in Clean Energy. We are aware of the negative environmental issues around the world. In response to that, countries world wide have been actively pursuing a clean and renewable energy agenda. And this explains the reason why we came up with the idea of a self-sustaining trash collector.

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